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YOUR BRIDESMAIDS REALLY ARE your very best friends on your wedding day. They will save your sanity and help carry essentials such as tissues, needle and thread, hairspray and headache tablets. Bottles of water do not sound like a great way to celebrate, but they are good to have handy - and also pack away some drinking straws too - when you are thirsty, use the straws as they won’t smudge your lipstick or spoil your make up - it’s the same ‘trick’ we use with models in our fashion photography.

In the months and weeks leading up to your wedding day, keep your smartphone or iphone handy - when you get a brainwave or see an idea you can snap a photo to help memorise it and it will help you stay on top of things. Don't forget to take a look at the iphone / ipad wedding app that you'll have for your wedding photography - this is a free gift from us to you both.

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Food for thought ...

BEGIN YOUR DAY with a great wedding breakfast; don’t skimp! You won’t get a chance to have a proper meal until your wedding reception a lot later on. Consider eating really well and don’t worry about your beautiful wedding dress not being able to fit - it will! You are going to have a wonderful (but long ...) day ahead and you’ll be wanting plenty of energy to really enjoy all of your moments together - and plenty of energy for the photo shoots too!

Another tip is to place a couple of ‘energy’ snack bars into your emergency bag, or in the boys 'esky' in your wedding cars, so that you can have a bite or two when hunger strikes.

Having loads of fresh fruit available whilst you are getting ready is really helpful - especially when cut into bite sized pieces which will help to avoid spills on your dress and it's great to have it chilled in the warmer season in the tropics.

Best times of year to be married in Mackay, Airlie Beach & the Whitsundays Island Resorts

EVEN WITH THE BEST OF WEDDING PLANS, there is the tiniest chance for something to go amiss. A simple rain shower, a slightly tipsy wedding celebrant, or a ‘catastrophic’ cyclone blowing away your wedding venue may seem like a complete disaster.

Don’t worry ! You might not see the ‘funny’ side at first, though it is ‘little problems’ like these that can add to really colourful, fun memories to your day and are most likely to give you both your most favourite wedding photos. The February cyclone that whipped away your bouquet will be a talking point for the rest of your lives.

Usually, the best time of the year to be married in Mackay, Airlie and Whitsundays Resorts is between the end of March through till late September. The climate is just beautiful and the holiday air just adds to your enjoyment. The chance of wet weather spoiling your wedding day is minimised and the only rain you will have is from confetti !

The wettest times of the year are between November to the end of February, also known as 'the wet season' or monsoons, in the tropics - the temperatures are much higher as well as the fly and mosquito populations and it can be very humid. If you are planning on having a ceremony in the summer months it's a good idea to take a look at your bridal wardrobe - close fitting garments can be very uncomfortable. Whilst the monsoon rains can be very heavy, they can also be short too - so although we don't advise getting married in these times, there are still good chances for your wedding photos - the dramatic skies can add a real dimension to your images on the day.

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Best time of year for weddings in Airlie Beach Mackay Whitsundays
Camera Shy Nervous Bride Wedding Photography

Ideas for the camera shy bride and posing help for wedding photos

"I HATE HAVING MY PICTURE TAKEN!" ... Don’t worry, so do I, and it's a phrase that we hear all the time. Just about every bride feels a little bit nervous about being photographed on their wedding day. Even some supermodels hate having their photographs made - so think that you are in good company!

Many people can feel very shy when there is a camera around, so remember that you are not alone, and often just having a chat with us can be a big help for posing help and ideas. You will find our photography styles natural, relaxed and easy going - yet still bringing you superb results on one of the 'biggest' days of your lives together.

If you are nervous, try and think of something to do with your hands - holding a clutch bag or the bouquet can help be a distraction for the first minute or so - and any shyness will soon slip away when we are working and creating with you on the day. Don't forget that we are very friendly and very relaxed - and so will you be in your photos.

CANDID, NATURAL MOMENTS ARE GREAT for your wedding photography - all of those little moments held in time - a glance, a look, a touch. All of those moments taken where you didn't realise, or 'simply forgot' that we, as your wedding photographers were even there, making them brilliant to look back on. There are also times however, when perhaps a scene for your wedding photography does need to be 'set up' and 'posed', such as the more traditional family and group shots.

You want your wedding photography to be the best and for you to feel at your best.

Every bride has a different shape and some poses will accentuate your best features for the camera. You can try a few ‘wedding’ poses at home - it may feel a little strange at perfecting a pose in front of a mirror, but a little practice will pay off. Try turning your body to one side, slightly twisting your head and shoulders towards the mirror and you’ll see the slimming effect it makes.

Try extending one foot in front of the other, a little turn on your waist ... a small 'tilt' of the head towards a shoulder also adds a touch of fashion beauty for your wedding portraits - the best camera poses are what you feel most comfortable with, so have a ‘play’ during a quiet moment.

Wedding Camera Posing for Brides

Wedding Poses for Camera Shy Brides
Naturally candid and 'unposed' styles make great wedding photographs
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"I'd just love to have a beach wedding or an island wedding!"


Mackay and the Whitsundays have the best photo locations in the world for your wedding photography, beautiful settings for your destination wedding and ceremony.

Beach weddings and the islands are magical, the memories held in your wedding photos will reflect the celebrations of your day and of course, showcase your beauty in the most gorgeous wedding dress.

Choose fabrics that are airy and light, and consider your shoes as high heels will sink into the sand. It's a good idea to try and have a pair of thongs or low sandals handy - you can easily slip into those beautiful heels later for the reception! Keep an eye on your wedding dress length, as sand will enter around the hem as well as gather stray leaves or grass in a long train.

For a unique wedding dress, have a think about something shorter to capture the beach wedding mood. During hotter summer weather, it’s a good idea for the groom to have another shirt handy for your wedding photography and this will make him more refreshed for the reception.

Flowers may need to be kept refrigerated until just before the ceremony and a small sprinkle of water during the day will keep them bright and lively. Arrange for lots of non alcoholic drinks to help against the heat and remember that there may not be too many shaded areas for your guests.

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