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Seating for Wedding Guests | Mackay Airlie Beach Photographer - Wedding Photographers Mackay, Airlie Beach, Whitsundays - Wedding Photographers Mackay, Airlie Beach, Whitsundays
Wedding Seating Plans - Mackay Reception Ideas

Seating for Wedding Guests | Mackay Airlie Beach Photographer

Wedding Table Arranging - Seating Ideas Mackay Weddings

Arranging seating for your wedding guests can be a juggling act

Seating for your wedding guests, can be a juggling act that will leave you feeling like a circus clown’s juggling act.

You’ve seen it in every wedding movie, adults getting sat at the children’s table or family members with their nose out of joint creating a scene. On the big screen it is quite the comical affair, however on your special day you probably won’t find these happenings very amusing. There are various awkward situations that can arise at a wedding reception; great news is there are a few things you can do to prevent most problems and ensure everyone will enjoy your wedding reception nearly as much as you.

Begin planning your seating chart once you and your partner complete the guest list.  Most men will bow out at this part of the process. Even though your numbers aren’t yet final you will have a pretty good idea of who will be celebrating with you and the more prepared you are, the less stressful it will be. You need to know how many tables you will have at the reception and how many each table sits comfortably. At most venues there’s no need to have the same number of guests at each table some tables may have 8 at them and others 10 or 12.

Wedding Table Seating Arrangements Mackay

Sometimes awkward moments can arise when planning your wedding table seating – a little thought early on can help prevent any problems !

Most important guests to keep happy: close family. Do all parents get along with each other? If yes you may choose to have a ‘parents of the bride and groom’ table which could also seat grandparents, siblings or other close family. If they don’t see much of each other it might be best to give each parent’s group their own table and have their close family and friends fill those tables.

Wedding Seating Plans - Mackay Reception Ideas

The most important guests to keep happy are your close family – Do all the parents get along? If so, great – if not, it might be an idea to give them separate tables.

We all have at least one; a friend who is renowned for over indulging in alcohol. Some people may have many of these friends and if that is the case, don’t be tempted to sit them all together. Try to seat this type of guest with people who aren’t easily offended and don’t mind managing the ‘drinker’ by offering water and food. If you will have servers at your reception let them know which tables to offer water to a bit more frequently.

Wedding Drinks and Alcohol

It’s a good idea to have alternatives to alcohol handy at your wedding table – some guests can be much ‘happier’ than others !

For the odd couple of guests who don’t know anyone well or only know the partner they are bringing, sit them beside your most friendly guests or people you know will share common interests. Hopefully they find a way to break the ice and share a pleasant evening together.

Top tip for tackling guest lists and seating plans; you and your man (if he’s game) both need your happy hat on! This is not a task to complete late at night after a really hard day or when one of you isn’t feeling your best. Plan a nice Saturday breakfast with your future husband and try to have fun performing this juggling act !

Wedding Guest Seating Ideas

A great idea for planning your wedding guest seating is to place shy friends with out-going ones; they’ll find a way to break the ice and really enjoy your day !




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