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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer - Mackay Airlie Beach Whitsundays - Wedding Photographers Mackay, Airlie Beach, Whitsundays
Brides Diary Choose the right Wedding Photographer Mackay Airlie Beach Whitsundays

Choosing the right wedding photographer ( Just One Moment Mackay )

Wedding Photography Mackay

Choose the right wedding photographer – Just One Moment Photography Mackay, Whitsundays

Simple, elegant, enchanting, crazy, flamboyant, magical or el natural – whatever your tastes, your wedding photos linger long after your big day, and need to truly capture your unique style. After all, no two unions are ever the same and you don’t want a run of the mill shot. A good photographer will be more than just technically competent – they will also know the importance of individualising images, and have the creative artistry to add a dollop of magic into the mix. The result? A precious freeze-frame in time that is a true celebration of two out-of-the-ordinary people and the spirit that brought you together. A photo says a thousand words so find a photographer that will make yours speak for itself…. and for your wedding in Mackay or the Whitsundays here is some help on choosing the right photographer for yourselves.

Wedding Photography Mackay

Your wedding photography is not for one day, it is for a lifetime

There are few moments in your life that create brilliant combinations of excitement, trepidation, emotions at fever pitch and pure happiness than on your wedding day. In the lead up to your wedding, there is just so much to do, wedding venues organised, your beautiful dress, those gorgeous shoes, the invitations, flowers, the fabulous wedding cake – the list is as long as the Bruce Highway….. so, in all of your preparations don’t forget about organising the right wedding photographer for you both. Weddings are expensive but so precious, one of the most amazing times in your life, so don’t discount the idea of choosing a professional wedding photographer – most brides who do leave out one of the most important aspects of their day very much regret doing so later on.

Wedding Photographer, Mackay Whitsundays Bride

Your photography is a lasting momento of your wedding day

Well after your bouquet has faded, the cake crumbs swept away and the hire of the Hummer a distant memory, your photography is a lasting momento of your wedding day, and your wedding photos will be as fresh in years later, just as they were on the day itself. It’s in these wedding photos that capture in time all of the fun, love and emotions that other keepsakes don’t and you’ll remember as if only yesterday, all of the happiness, family and friends that shared your day together.

Professional wedding photographer Mackay Whitsundays

Your wedding photography is a keepsake for a lifetime

There are three main things to look for when you do decide to arrange for your wedding photography:


Quality, Creative Photo Styles for your Wedding


Your wedding photographer is going to be with you all day and all night, in fact the entire day, so it is important that you don’t hire someone who bugs you, no matter what the wedding images are like. Similarly, if a photographer is going to skip off home after making you fake the cake cutting, faking what is supposed to be your first dance as husband and wife, that might say a little bit about their personality and attitude to your wedding day alone. Meet up with your photographer, spend a bit of time talking through ideas and also other things apart from just photography. Ask yourself – ‘do I feel comfortable, are they genuine…?’ Of course, professional photographers are running a business and they are into sales – but you don’t want to feel as if you are with the proverbial used car salesman who just only wants you to sign on the dotted line there and then, a photographer whose passion is in weddings will be revealed in meeting with them.

Professional Wedding Photographer Mackay Whitsundays

Your wedding photographer, look for personality, creative quality and price

Most professional photographers do love what they do and very much want to give to you both beautiful wedding photography that reflects your love for each other, as well as your personalities and their passion for their work will show in a ‘face to face’ meeting, so it really is worth your while to make an appointment as soon as you can do so – and early birds dont get disappointed when their chosen photographer gets booked up for your wedding day ahead.

Choose the right wedding photographer, Mackay Whitsundays

Look for image style, creativity and for quality of photographs

When you have shortlisted your wedding photographers and meet with them, ask to look at examples of recent work they have done. Look at the entire coverage of the wedding day, not just three or four ‘favourite’ images. Anyone can simply be lucky and capture some ‘wow’ images, but a photographer who loves weddings will have a full portfolio of complete wedding day coverage for you to see. Take a look at the quality of the images – are they on cheap paper? Do the skin tones look right? Are most of the images made with ‘whacky’ colours? ( A sign of poor photography is that mistakes are usually covered up with so called special effects) For your creative style, do the photographs tend to be more posed, or are they all candid, or for the best are they a good blend of what you’d love to have?

Whitsundays Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photography – all posed or a beautiful blend?

When arranging your appointment for your wedding day photography, also see if it is possible to meet with your photographer during the day mid week, if they can never be available, then that’s a good sign that they have a different job and perhaps they are not so passionate about being a good photographer for you. Also, for the quality of your wedding photographs, ask if they create and print all of your photographs in house, or do they send them outside to be printed at discounted photo stores? A good photographer will absolutely do all of their own prints for you on beautiful heirloom paper, and this of course maintains the quality that you seek and also that of your privacy – do you really want a shop assistant seeing you changing into your beautiful wedding dress?

Wedding Photography Mackay Boudoir Whitsundays

Your wedding day photography, creative and beautiful quality

We recognise, just as you have, that weddings can be very expensive times. All of us want to stay within budgets and if you do find the nicest photographer in the world with the best photos that you really love, it won’t mean a thing if the price is four times more expensive than your entire wedding budget. Price is a very important factor in choosing your wedding photographer, but not the most important. Remember that you will have your wedding photos for a lifetime, and not the Hummer rental or the bonbonnieres from your reception party, your wedding photography is an investment for your families future.

Beautiful wedding photography Mackay, Whitsundays

Your wedding photography is an investment for the future

You know the cliche ‘ what you get is what you pay for ‘ – some photographers might be more than happy to quote a few hundred dollars to you, so ask yourself that if a photographer prices his work for you at only a few dollars per hour, what value do they actually place on one of the most important days of your life? There is each and every chance that they won’t have the passion, experience or equipment that you deserve for your wedding memories. Good wedding photographers will work with you and custom design a wedding photography ‘package’ that suits you both. By the way – we at Just One Moment Photography don’t have any ‘wedding packages’ – a package is what you buy at a supermarket, usually very confusing and often they turn out to have hidden costs. We discuss and chat through absolutely with you on what you are both seeking and we all work together for your day – no hidden costs, no expensive surprises, just great wedding photography that you will love at a price you can afford.

Beautiful wedding photography Mackay Whitsundays

Your wedding photography in Mackay, the Whitsundays, your family journey begins

Have a chat with your fiance and talk about what the two of you really want to have for your wedding photos and for your wedding memories. You can visit to see what brides and couples have thought about their beautiful wedding photos on our testimonial page, or you can easily get in touch with us to have a chat about your brilliant wedding day – we’d love to talk with you soon.




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