Candid Wedding Photography, Dolphin Heads Resort Mackay

Candid Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography, Dolphin Heads Resort, Mackay

Some of the most favourite memories from your day will be found in candid wedding photography

One of the real joys in candid wedding photography is capturing great moments during the day – and of course, during the wedding reception. Here at Jess and Tony’s splendid wedding day at Dolphin Heads Resort, Jess learns more about the ‘background’ behind Tony picking up the bridesmaids dresses ….. and it’s wedding photographs like these that very often quickly become part of the couple’s most favourite memories with their wedding celebrations. I don’t think that it’s simply the look of complete surprise with Jess that makes this photo – it’s also the laughter from Tony as his best man regales everyone in the room with this part of his funny and original speech – priceless moments from the day to remember ! ( Let’s just say that it’s also probably the last time that Tony will ever put important wardrobe items in the back of his ute before he takes it through the car wash !)




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