Bridesmaids Help at a Wedding

Asked to be a Bridesmaid? | Tips, Help for Weddings Mackay & Airlie Beach

Bridesmaids Help and Tips

As one of the bride’s closest friends, a bridesmaid is there to help for the happiest day of her life.

If the bride to be is planning the wedding herself she has a long list of things to organise before her big day. Most of these tasks she will need or want to do herself. But as one of her closest friends, there are a few things you can do to help her prepare for the happiest day of her life.

Bridesmaids Help at a Wedding

Best Friends Forever – The happiest of memories being a bridesmaid

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Helping out on the best day for their best friend – a bridesmaid

Being helpful before the Engagement Party:

  • Offer to get quotes from various venues for function hire and food
  • Help make and post the invitations
  • Organise a play list of songs that are special for the engaged couple
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Bridesmaids fashion and wedding dresses are special moments shared …

Being helpful before and during the Hens Party:

  • Listen to what type of party the bride to be wants and do your best to make it happen
  • Book in beauty treatments for the day of the Hens party so you all feel fabulous
  • Keep your friend hydrated by offering small glasses of water often throughout the night
  • Make sure she has lots of fun
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Helping the bride on her Big Day Out – a good bridesmaid is a great friend indeed.

Preparing for the big day

  • Check that your bride has a suitable timeline of tasks and is on track with preparations
  • Be available to go dress shopping, flower searching etc when it suits the bride to be
  • Enjoy a spa or massage treatment together (before she gets her tan)
  • Organise food for the day of the wedding and ensure your friend eats and stays hydrated

Many brides to be get so caught up organising their wedding day they forget to cherish their fiancé. If your friend is a mother organise to baby sit her children for a night the week before her wedding so that she and her husband to be can enjoy a date night. If there are no children perhaps you could offer them a gift voucher to their favourite restaurant.

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Being a bridesmaid also makes for great wedding photography moments

Remember that these are going to be the most special moments of your friend’s life. If she chooses a bridesmaid dress you hate, subtly suggest trying a different store. If she calls you up in tears, calm her down and help find a solution to her problem. Keep filling her head with lots of positivity so she has a great experience planning and creating her wedding day.




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